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Organic Food Delivery

Get Healthy & Energetic With Organic

Food Delivered To Your Door!

Clean, Nutritionally Balanced

Naturally Tasty

High Quality Mostly Organic Ingredients

Professionally Prepared

Gluten Free Options

                             Comparable To Kashrut Standards


Let Victoria's kitchen do the work of shopping, chopping, cooking, cleaning,

packaging, and delivering to offer you convenience and real health insurance!


*Food is made and delivered weekly on Tuesdays

*Menus are seasonal and change every week

*Orders must be placed by the end of Sunday

*Delivery is complimentary (please contact for details)

Check Out This Week's Menu





32 oz (Quart) Food Container

Pick and order any one thing on the menu

16 oz Food Container

Pick and order any one thing on the menu

Quart Size Soup



16 oz Soup


Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread

Victoria's unyeasted sourdough bread has definitely remained the top selling item for many years!

12 oz Dessert

Light and refreshing, Victoria's desserts are a great addition to the healthy cuisine she offers to her clients.