My name is Dr. Herb Rubin.  I had been a Chiropractic Physician for many years, until I became very ill. When a person becomes ill it is very important that they receive unconditional caring, encouragement and help from competent, knowledgeable people.
    I met Victoria Barayev at a most desperate period of my life. I was very sick and in Hospice care, desperate for answers and help. I was investigating macrobiotics and knew very little about it at that time. I had only heard that many people that were challenged with desperate illnesses had regained their health by incorporating the macrobiotic lifestyle into their own lives.
    Victoria is one of the most caring and amazing people I have ever come to know. She is a true blessing and encouragement. She has an unwavering belief in the macrobiotic lifestyle that she teaches. She puts her 'heart and soul' into her work and cooking. It is a mission of love and caring for her.
    She gives of herself without expecting anything in return. She has a sincere desire to help to transform the world and improve people’s health.
    When Victoria prepares her food for me, I can feel her soul and spirit in the food! I would highly recommend Victoria to anyone who wants to improve their life.
    Dr. Herb Rubin D.C.


I am a professional violinist and an immigrant from the former Soviet Union. I made a successful career in the US. However, an old  illness, ulcerative colitis, made my life very difficult throughout all these years. Medications only slightly eased my pain and suffering but could not heal me. I continued to suffer.

          Meeting Victoria entirely changed my whole condition. Extremely talented and very professional, she cooked for me macrobiotic food a few months when I was in critical condition after being in a hospital again. Every day I had a wonderful menu to choose from. I enjoyed a variety of very colorful and delicious meals that consisted of grains, beans, seaweeds, vegetable dishes, and soups.  Very soon, I noticed positive changes in my health. In just 5 weeks of starting the nutrition program, my fingers  straightened  up from having arthritis. I wasn’t getting spasms in my intestines anymore. The food, all these gifts from the Mother Earth, made me feel stronger and stronger. I lost weight, but gained more energy. Victoria taught me how to make proper food choices and how to cook all these foods. Now I am on my own, confidently taking care of my wellbeing.

          From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to express my gratitude to Victoria for helping me gain my health back!

Rozalia Strugatsky, Atlanta


In February 2007, I originally started eating macrobiotics to help me because of pain and discomfort caused by diverticulitis and because of high blood pressure. Initially, on my own, I read information from the Kushi Institute and gained a basic idea of how to eat properly. About that time, Victoria started teaching classes at a local health food establishment. Her classes made all the difference to me, as she brought the macrobiotic way of life TO life for me by showing me recipes, suggesting specific foods to eat, recommending books and just being generally supportive of me in my attempts to create a healthy food environment.

As a result, the diverticulitis disappeared and my high blood pressure came down on a consistent basis. I feel good and generally have a good energy level.  I sleep better at night and I feel good about myself!

I have taken numerous classes in macrobiotic cooking from Mrs. Victoria Barayev. I learned so much from each and every class. In fact, I just took a “refresher” class from her so that I can keep my macrobiotic program new with an infusion of creative and innovative ideas from Victoria.

I can only say well about Victoria -- she is truly dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle, for which I will ever be grateful.

 Yael Shaner, Atlanta 


When a person decides to make a life style change to improve their health or combat a life threatening disease, it is not easy to know which way to turn.  If you search the internet,  it gets even more confusing.  You have to stop and ask yourself what is it that you are trying to do with your body?  Are you building your immune system, losing weight, cleaning your colon or all of the above?  The person I have found to be extremely knowledgeable about such things is Victoria.  She knows what foods support each organ of the body.  She has a vast collection of recipes to get you started in the right direction.  Most of all, Victoria has a kind and gentle approach to teaching.  Many times people get offended when you point out that what they are eating is not a good choice.  Victoria educates you on why the foods are harming your body and why the new foods will help your body.  Medications are only a short term solution for the break down in the body.   Food and life style change are a long term solution to improve your overall quality of life.  Victoria practices what she teaches and is extremely passionate about helping others.  I love Victoria and her warm, gentle approach to life!

Juile Mills,CMT, LLCC

Body of Health

 Snellville, GA



It has been our extreme good fortune to have had Victoria Barayev as a guest here at Salud Cooking School”.  She is a talented instructor, passionate about healthy eating, and effortlessly translates her love of good food with entertaining and informative classes.  Students are able to easily re-create her recipes at home, and are always pleasantly surprised to find that healthy cooking can be delicious and good for you. 

Victoria comes prepared, has always performed in a most professional manner, and is greatly admired by the staff and students alike. She has a strong student following. The turnouts for her classes are quite impressive.

Mostly, Victoria is genuine. She believes food heals the sole, and is eager to guide her students to a better understanding of how it all works, this relationship with food and our wellbeing, and how it’s so miraculously interconnected.   


Scott Yaegle

Salud! Cooking School Specialist

Whole Foods Market