My Cookware

Solid unfinished wood cutting board

Vegetable knife

Sharpening stone

Suribachi (serrated ceramic mortar)for grinding seeds

Surikogi (wooden pestle)for grinding seeds

Stainless steel or ceramic pressure cooker

Stainless steel skillet with a lid

Cast Iron skillets with lids 

Cast Iron deep fryer

Stainless steel soup pot with a lid

Stainless steel pot with a steaming basket

Large and small saucepans with well fitting lids

Cast iron heavy pots with cast iron heavy lids for cooking grains and beans

Nabe clay pot for cooking vegetables

Fine grater (porcelain round grater)

Fine mesh skimmers that are very useful in cooking

Wooden cooking spoons

Cooking chopsticks


Measuring Cup(s)

Measuring Spoons

Bamboo mats  

Bamboo steamer

Oil brush

Glass or ceramic bowls                                                                              

Glass or ceramic platters

Flame deflectors

Glass jars to store dry foods                                                                     

Glass containers to store cooked food