tofu broccoli pie

The word “cosmetics” comes from the Greek “cosmos”. According to the classical definition, being beautiful means being in harmony with nature, keep balance & order. Health and beauty have the same source – they both come from within us. Naturally we are drawn to someone who looks fresh, bright, vibrant, young and energetic. In the oriental diagnosis, our bodies never lie. The external appearance is a reflection of the internal condition where the skin, the largest and most peripheral organ, is the mirror of our health.  Applying moisturizing creams to dry skin, using dandruff shampoos, or taking antibiotics for acne will not change the underlying disorders that produce such symptoms.

Among all the health influencing factors, food, perhaps, is the primary means through which we maintain our physical condition and appearance in harmony with the environment. Food creates our blood which uses one third of its supply to nourish the skin. Proper balance of minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and antioxidants found in whole foods, such as a variety of whole grains, beans, seaweeds, vegetables and fruits creates the most healthy and fresh looking appearance. Today, however, modern diets often lack the proper balance of energy and nutrients. They are excessive in some, and deficient in others. The dietary extremes so common today create negative effect on the quality of our health, and as a result, on the condition and appearance of our skin. For instance,  most favorite in our society hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken, French fries and processed snack foods are the leading sources of saturated fat and contribute to hardening of the skin and give it a tight, dry, and weather beaten look as well as underlie the process of developing acne. Simple sugars, consumed by the average person today in the amount of as much as 160 pounds a year, completely depletes our bodies of minerals and calcium, contributes to uneven coloring of the skin and are a leading cause of red skin blotches, expanded capillaries, freckles, age spots, loosening of the body’s tissues, and overall puffiness and sagging of the skin.

It is important to always be conscious and mindful of what we put in our mouth. Whatever we eat today will stay and circulate in our blood for the next 120 days! A balanced whole food diet clears and beautifies the skin from the inside out and, if studied and used properly, can become the best skincare line on Earth!


Victoria Barayev