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The body and the soul are interconnected. There is no healthy body if the soul is unhealthy. Spiritual disharmony is the first trigger of a physical illness. No illness can be healed until the soul is brought back to harmony, until a strong, powerful and healthy spirit is created within oneself. We, ourselves, create our own lives, our happiness and unhappiness, our health and sickness, and we do it with our own thoughts and emotions. Our own life is a replication of those thoughts and emotions. If something is wrong in our lives, we can be assured that something is not right in our thoughts and emotions.   For years we can be destroying ourselves by the gray thoughts, feeling hurt and sorry about ourselves without even realizing that this is how we create our own illness.

Our body always reacts to what we think and feel. Tell yourself “I am happy and healthy!” Say that several times until the words sound confident and easy. Naturally, a human being has the ability to control his own nervous system, therefore his own organism.

Learn how to constantly control your thoughts. Every day start with a positive affirmation about yourself: “I am healthy, young, full of energy. My body is a perfect creation of the nature, gifted with the strongest healing powers that day by day give me health, vivacity, strength and confidence.” The minute you hear the voice of negativity arising inside you, break it off and order it to stop. Then right away say something positive to yourself.

Spiritually strong person reacts to everything that happens to him in life, but only positively. Because from negative thoughts come negative processes in your body. Negative thoughts are created by three things: fears, worries about the past, and  feeling sorry  for yourself.

The first rule of a strong person – do not run away from your own fears. Most of our fears are created by us in our own head. We worry about something that has not even happened. The best way to deal with your fear is to face it. Picture your fear in the reality. What will happen if what you are afraid of will come true? Live through that experience in your imagination and put that fear behind you once and forever.

The second rule of a strong person – do not waste your energy on feeling sorry for yourself. Pity for yourself, anger toward life will drain you and give nothing in return. Those feelings create a vicious cycle, making us come back to the same negative thoughts over and over again and not allowing us to break through to the freedom, hope, and optimism. They waste our energy and put us further away from healing. Stop feeling hurt by your own life and destiny. Stop being angry with yourself and other people, and you will approach your recovery.

The third rule of a strong person – do not live in the past. Remember: it is never too late to start everything all over again. But to start the new life, you have to let the past go, whether it was good or bad. You can’t live with a burden of the past losses and misfortunes. You can’t live with regrets that the past happiness is gone. That takes away energy and  hopes for the future. Do not try to return the past, live in today.

From those three rules come the following.

Dream about good.  Learn to see only positive in the surrounding you life. Learn to forgive. A person who is angry with others never gets healthy. Learn to do everything with pleasure. Whether you eat or exercise, think only about your own pleasure, not how useful it is for you. Remember: useful is only what is done with pleasure. Often think about what can make you happy. Choose your pleasures and remember: true pleasure is the one that when is over, leaves pleasant memories and happy feelings about itself.

Learn to see around yourself people that are in the worse situation than you are. Learn to be compassionate and helpful, inspire them to hope and optimism.

Learn to act as if everything is great  regardless of how things are in the  reality and how healthy you are. Do not forget we become exactly what we think about ourselves!

Never tell yourselves “I can’t”. Better say “I do not want”. Saying “I can’t”, we greatly limit our own abilities. Challenge yourself and you will discover that human abilities are practically unlimited.

Remember that neither victories nor defeats, neither illnesses nor health come from nowhere. A person is created from what he did and thought about in the past. Whether you will be healthy and strong or ill and weak in the future,  depends on what you believe in and think about, and how you act today.